Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)

What is CBT-I?

insomnia treatment

CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy, a branch of psychotherapy (or "talk therapy") that helps people to learn effective mental strategies to deal with challenges and coaches people on how to put those strategies into action.

CBT for Insomnia (or "CBT-I" for short) is a specialized type of psychotherapy for sufferers of chronic insomnia. CBT-I helps people appreciate how the human body is designed for ideal sleep and coaches people on how to work towards a lifestyle that optimizes natural sleep.

CBT-I includes several key strategies including the following:

  • Sleep Awareness – Keeping a sleep diary to bring your sleep habits to full awareness
  • Stimulus Control – Creating a sleep environment that is associated only with sleep and pleasure
  • Sleep Compression – Training to sleep all at once, reducing fragmented sleep
  • Sleep Education – Learning about healthy sleep and ending unhelpful habits
  • Relaxation Training – Practicing relaxation as a skill
  • Cognitive Therapy – Increasing your mind’s efficiency to decrease your worried thoughts

Depending on the nature of your sleep problems, these and other strategies will be used to personalize your treatment.