Evidence-based therapy

In order for any form of therapy to receive the designation of "evidence-based therapy," the American Psychological Association requires it to: 

- Be practical and accessible.

- Demonstrate clinically meaningful improvement of symptoms.  

- Be researched by multiple groups of scientists in numerous separate studies to ensure that the outcomes of treatment are reliable.


CBT-I is an evidence-based therapy.

- CBT-I is among the most studied forms of psychotherapy for insomnia.

- Studies show that in individuals who tried CBT-I, more than 70% of people significantly improved their insomnia symptoms.

- Using CBT-I to treat insomnia was not only superior  to non-treatment control groups but also superior to other available treatments in the long run (such as sleep medications).

Simply put, CBT-I is the most effective non-habit forming natural treatment  that cutting edge science has to offer for chronic insomnia.